Army Recruiter Course # 033-06

September 8, 2006

Day 17 – Army Interview & Assignments

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All day we got to talk about the great Army Interview. This interview should last anywhere from one to two hours in length. It seems so nuts that an interview would last that long. Let me tell ya, while discussing this Army Interview, I started to understand why. The Army Interview basically gives the prospect a very, some what indepth overview of what the Army could potentially offer them. This interview also gives the prospect a plan for their college, which is non-military, a plan for the active army and the army reserves. The prospect will grow to somewhat like you because you were able to get their goals and passions all planned out on a piece of paper.

During the interview, you also go over with the prospect some of the primary acronyms of the Army. For example, LDRSHIP, SOLDIER, and APPLESMDT. APPLESMDT is more of a way to see if an individual is somewhat qualified to join the military. LDRSHIP explains how the Army can provide, to the prospect, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, Integrity and Personal courage.

We were also advised that our evidence book had to be ready by Monday. The evidence book has to have all of our documents in it that proves to the prospect, during the interview, what the Army is able to offer. For example, for the “I” in SOLDIER, we explain that the income (meaning your LES) is a Do-Not-Worry-Issue. You will not have to worry about if you are going to get paid or not. You will always be paid either on the 1st or the 15th unless they are on a federal holiday or weekend. In this case, payday will be the business day prior to the weekend or federal holiday.

At about 1430 hours today, we were given our assignments. I was able to get one of my choices that I had selected. So I was pretty damn stoked about that. It was choice number two for me. I was very excited and so was my WIFEY!

Today, was a simple day and next week we will be starting the whole Army Interview. We will be given two hours to complete this mission with a Go. Well folks, until next time, this is Casey Roberts reporting.


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